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Our Mission:
Hip hop culture has always been fueled by the soul of the inner city, the passion of the people and the voice of those who didn’t have a platform.

At the center of the movement was music—which shaped, molded and propelled the genre into the most powerful movement since rock ‘n roll.

Blastdanation has and will continue to be the vehicle that gives a voice to the undiscovered and a stage to those already shining. Through our pages, we chronicle the celebrities, sounds, fashion, lifestyle, new media and business born from urban music.

As an authoritative voice, BDN creates trends as much as it records them. BDN serves as a portal
to a growing young, trendsetting, multicultural

As excellent journalists and innovative marketers, BDN is the voice of urban music and culture.

BDN provides a democratic digital experience were users are encouraged to contribute content.

At BDN, print and online seamlessly relate.

The BDN audience is comprised of trendsetting individuals passionate about music, entertainment, fashion and pop culture. 
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   Publisher: J. Gee
   Editor-in-Chief: J. Gee
   Managing Editor: M. Moore
   Photo Director: J. Gee
   Online Editor: J. Gee - Mel Moore

   Director: J. Gee

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