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Welcome to the official "Obama Stars" Youth Vote! website! Thanks for taking the time to visit us. We believe that in order for democracy to truly flourish, government must engage all of its citizens, especially its youth. Thus, it is our goal to fully engage you!! Civic participation is rooted in community activism, and those working for their own communities are the heart of the movement so, check out our site and download the new hot
Youth Vote single: "Obama Stars".

Because Black youth under 35 represent nearly 50% of the Black American electorate, coalition members agree that youth empowerment is the key to impacting the many serious problems confronting the Black community.

Through "Obama Stars", community advocates and young professionals have gained essential tools that enable them to lead their communities to participate fully in the democratic process, focused on attaining greater social and economic justice in the Black Community.
"Obama Stars" Youth Vote
Action Call: VOTE!
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Barack Obama & Joe Biden "Change We Can Believe In"
"Obama Stars" is a organized group of
adults, joing forces with the youth in our
community to push for a better quality of
life and "CHANGE" I you're a supporter of
Barack Obama & Joe Biden, join us in spreading our message to all the youth
in our communities, that their vote counts!

Better Jobs - Obama - Biden
Help The Middle Class - Obama - Biden
Better Health Care - Obama - Biden
Pro-Life - Obama - Biden
Better Education - Obama - Biden
Build America's Economy - Obama - Biden

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